Second Report GTR (2012)

Second Report GTR(2012)

This GTR’s second report, A NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE ON SPAIN'S BUILDING SECTOR. ACTION PLAN FOR A NEW HOUSING SECTOR, is the result of more than two years of continuous work by a now expanded group of industry and technical experts (the GTR). The 2012 paper contains new work conducted over the last 12 months as well as a summary of 2011 activity together with input from the now extended analysis and dialogue with key Spanish industry players and government which GTR has been able to maintain. The 2012 GTR report reinforces and provides a more detailed and critical assessment of the main conclusions of its prior published work: that the rehabilitation and upgrade of Spain’s housing stock is a feasible and economically viable task provided that there is a supportive regulatory, operational and financial framework. Also that energy efficiency is the key pillar around which the rehabilitation sector can orient its resources as this creates savings, improves the quality of life in homes, and creates jobs in a sector badly affected by the crisis.

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