GTR - Goals and targets

GTR's goals and targets

The Spanish Working Group for Buildings Rehabilitation (“GTR” - Grupo de Trabajo sobre Rehabilitación) is a group that was formed to continue the work of a series of key forums that took place in 2010: The International Sustainable Building Regional Conference (SB10 Madrid), Rehabilitation & Sustainability = Future (R+S=F) in Barcelona and Spain’s National Environmental Conference 2010 (CONAMA 102). These conferences concluded that there was a need for change in Spain’s buildings sector as a means to resolve some of the challenges facing the Spanish economy and to meet its environmental goals. Rehabilitation and Energy Efficient Renovation will be a milestone for the buildings sector’s transformation.

The GTR builds upon the Cambio Global en España 2020/2050 report (Global Change for Spain 2020/2050), particularly in sections related to sustainable cities and the buildings sector, where a number of GTR members participated as co-authors, as well as the report by Climate Strategy & Partners (2010) “Financing Energy Efficiency Building Retrofits”. The GTR´s objective is to define a National Action Plan that will allow for the transformation of the current built environment and the buildings sector. This transformation will launch a New Housing Sector (NHS) dedicated to the renovation, retrofit, operation and maintenance of appropriate and habitable housing, solidifying the citizens’ right to accessible housing while taking into consideration the environmental and social challenges innate in the global change, and positioning the NHS as a viable economic sector with substantial job creation potential.


The objective of the Spanish Working Group for Buildings Rehabilitation (GTR) is to facilitate the transformation of Spain’s buildings sector, historically dedicated to the production of new buildings,into a new sector whose objectives are the creation and maintenance of the necessary social habitat and living conditions for Spanish people. The new housing sector, thus created,can be economically viable and capable of creating and sustaining employment to deliver against Spain’s constitutional right of access to housing in full consideration of the environmental and social challenges inherent in this change.




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