Authorized VERDE Evaluators

Requirements for evaluators' credentials


To be appointed as an EA VERDE -VERDE Authorized Evaluator of Building Sustainability- by GBCe, you must successfully complete the Evaluator Qualification Process.  You are also required to endorse the fees corresponding to credentials and right of use of the term “EA VERDE Authorized Evaluator”, approved at the time of the application.



GBCe has set an Evaluator Appointment Process, which is as follows:


Initial Appointment

The Chief Technical Officer,of the Certification Area of GBCe, will carry out an initial examination of the information submitted by the applicants, and verify that they comply with the needed technical prerequisites.


To be appointed as a VERDE Authorized Evaluator you must meet the following requirements: 


  • Education: The applicant must hold a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in the building or environmental management field.
  • Work Experience: The applicant must have at least 18 months work experience in a Developer or Building company or Architecture or Engineering practice.
  • Test and Examinations: The applicant must successfully pass the specific examinations for the appointment of Authorized Evaluators carried out by GBCe.


The Chief Technical Officer of GBCe will examine the documents submitted by the applicants. If all the requirements are fulfilled the General Management of GBC España will issue the EA VERDE credentials.


Authorized Evaluator Credential Maintenance

To maintain your condition as a VERDE Authorized Evaluator you must have completed at least one full building evaluation in the past 3 years and take part in the Evaluator’s Technical Conferences organized by GBCe.